A Coward

This is a story of two good friends that allowed emotions to set in and boom their friendship was jeopardized based on lies and their flirty attitudes.

So there was this guy who was attracted to this girl, they became friends and the attraction grew stronger. This time it was both the guy and the girl. The communication of course was interesting and at times flirty. The guy asked the girl if she was seeing someone she said yes but complicated. The girl asked the same he said he has an ex of course everyone has an ex. So finally, they went on a movie date together, and they couldn’t resist each other and the movie ended. About leaving, the girl requested for uber but they weren’t forthcoming because of traffic and all. So the guy kept on begging, please come to my place and she agreed. They had sex the night was good and that was it.

The next morning, she dressed and left. She called the guy she was home. So the day went by, he didn’t call the next day she called he didn’t pick and she left him a message. Then the third day, she called again and yes he finally picked up saying he was really sorry he had a lot 9n his plate and all. She said it’s fine. And the fourth day he called the conversation was going smoothly, and he said he was gonna call back he didn’t. She messaged him, call him severally he didn’t pick up. And then, she left a message saying “i think i deserve an explanation wanting to know the reason why you’ve not been responding to my calls and messages”. He replied and said “I’m sorry i never meant to treat you this way, the person I’m seeing found out about us and I basically had to choose”. The lady was happy she saw a reply from him and then she saw the message she was confused and furious at the same time and then she replied” but there was never us in the first place, you actually lied and if I knew you were in a relationship, there wouldn’t be “us” like you said in the first place. And by saying you never meant to treat me this like this, you did anyway”. And he replied that he was truly sorry.

Now here’s my thought.

He shouldn’t have lied to her about not being in a relationship with anyone. He didn’t regard her for anything. She didn’t ask for commitment or whatsoever, they were only friends that couldn’t control their emotions. You know there’s always a saying that all men are cowards he’s one. He could have as well called or asked to see her and sort things out and not leave the girl in the dark.

Thanks for reading this story. I would love to see your comments on what could have went wrong .